Our Story

Maendeleo Foundation began in 2007, to provide computer access to low income schools and communities in East Africa.

On our first trip ,we donated and installed two permanent solar-powered computer labs at two schools in Ruhiira, one of the Millennium Village Projects sponsored by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Welcome as those labs were, the experience also showed us the limitations of such installations:

  • Only students of the two schools had access to the computer labs.
  • Neither school had teachers with the experience needed to teach real-world computer skills.

“Maendeleo” means “progress” in Swahili.

We are committed to helping build a productive computer services industry in East Africa, connecting people and information using the latest Internet technologies, and thereby increasing personal incomes and boosting the local economy. In doing so, part of our aim is to set an example for other NGOs, businesses and government organizations to join in and help grow this industry.

Maendeleo Foundation’s mission is to complement the existing education system by making computers available to people of all ages, providing customized training, and encouraging and supporting the formation of Information Communication Technology businesses.

We operate innovative training programs in a network of schools, libraries and communities across Uganda. We cooperate with organizations of similar interests that share our commitment to the promotion of technology for development.

Impact and Recognition

  • The Mobile Solar Computer Classroom was profiled in the Sustania100 2015 annual guide to 100 innovative sustainability solutions from around the world. (more…)

  • UN Radio featured a story on how the Mobile Solar Computer Classroom is helping women and girls in Uganda gain access to essential information on the internet and to gain computer skills.(more…)

  • In September 2014, the Mobile Solar Computer Classroom won the SEED Awards 2014 and was recognized as one of the enterprises that is working to a greener economy while empowering people with 21st Century Skills.(more…)

  • In 2014 BBC News published an article on how the Mobile Solar Computer Classroom uses solar energy to take computer literacy to remote communities in Uganda. (more…)

  • In 2013, the Mobile Solar Computer Classroom project made it to the Finalists of the WISE Awards 2013. (more…)

  • Maendeleo Foundation Co-founder Eric Morrow was recognized as “an American Innovator,” and the Mobile Solar Computer Classroom was showcased, at the 2009 Innovation Economy Conference. (See Video…)

  • Intel funded a case study on Maendeleo Foundation’s Mobile Solar Computer Classroom in early 2009. (more…)

  • In 2009, Maendeleo Foundation’s Mobile Solar Computer Classroom won Intel’s Inspire-Empower Challenge”.


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