Students showcase their computer skills to parents / Written on Tuesday 27th-October-2015 / by maendeleo / Only a parent knows what it feels like to see his or her child good at something. On the 25thOctober, we were happy to witness the look on the faces of the parents of Vincentalex Boarding Primary School when students showcased what they were learning during computer classes. Every third term (last term of the school year) most primary schools hold school concerts where parents get a chance to witness their children’s talents. Usually on this day, parents sit and are entertained by of .... Read More »

Jennifer during a librarians ICT workshop Jennifer using her ICT skills to transform the community / Written on Friday 28th-August-2015 / by maendeleo / Jennifer Nakagolo, a 23 year old senior four drop out had always wanted to have a skill that could help her get a better job. When she heard that Maendeleo Foundation would be holding an ICT camp in her village, she abandoned her job as a shop keeper in the village. She rode her bicycle for 15km to the community library where the ICT training was taking place. During the training, she was very active in supporting her peers and leading activities. After the training, she picked of .... Read More »

Veronica teaches students how to type on a keyboard Veronica’s passion to empower girls and women with ICT skills / Written on Tuesday 25th-August-2015 / by maendeleo / Veronica Nuwamanya, a young woman working with Maendeleo Foundation shares why she is passionate about empowering girls and women with ICT skills.   [caption id="attachment_69" align="alignleft" width="300"] Veronica teaches students how to type on a keyboard[/caption] “While in Secondary school, I opted to offer computer studies at my O’level. The biggest challenge I faced was that girls had little chance to touch the computer. One computer was shared amongst 7-10 students of .... Read More »

Term Two School Computer Training Recap / Written on Friday 14th-August-2015 / by maendeleo / This week schools break off for second term holidays and our school computer training team just completed another awesome term in schools! Learning happened everywhere from overcrowded classrooms to tent setup near school kitchens.   [caption id="attachment_66" align="alignleft" width="300"] Students of Vincent Alex during a computer lesson[/caption] Over 1,500 primary school students explored how to use the computer. Activities ranged from using a mouse to creativity sessions of .... Read More »

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