Maendeleo Foundation’s mission is to suppliment the existing education system by making computers available to people of all ages, providing customized training, as well as encouraging and supporting the formation of local businesses.
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Maendeleo” means “progress” in Swahili. Progress is at the core of all our work and our innovations.

The organization was started in 2007 based on an idea of an American Software Developer, Eric Morrow (RIP) who wondered how he could use his skills and experience to support computer education in Uganda. During his visit to Uganda in 2007, Eric visited a number of villages, schools and volunteered at a school library. During his volunteer time at the school library, his computer became an attraction to all the kids, teachers and some passers-by. They were all very eager to see what this machine could do.

Consultations with other NGOs

Consultations with other NGOs led Morrow to consider how he might bring computers to Ugandan schools –with few technology-skilled teachers and practically no money to spend on technology of any kind. Working with Ugandan development economist Asia Kamukama and experienced relief worker Richard Happy they sketched out a plan of action for Maendeleo Foundation, an NGO established to bring computers to Ugandan schools and communities in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.

One of the first challenges identified was the near total lack of infrastructure: only 5% of Ugandans had access to electricity and just 3% could afford it. This meant that the technology solution put in place had to be self-powering and self-contained. That is why Maendeleo Foundation is committed to using innovative technology to surmount the challenges that make it impossible for schools and communities in Uganda to access computer and life skills.

Today, the organization is currently run by 5 Board of Directors and managed by an executive director who is supported by 6 full time staff members.

Our Team

Ms. Asia Kamukama

& Executive Director

Ms. Namanya Veronica


Mr. John Walusimbi

Programs Director
& Lead Trainer

Ms. Linda Biira

ICT & Creative
Design Trainer

Ms. Giramia Comfert


Mr. Kiddawalime Isaac

Community Engagement
Mobilization Officer

Ms. Nabateregga Matilda

ICT Trainer
School Program