Students showcase their computer skills to parents

Only a parent knows what it feels like to see his or her child good at something. On the 25thOctober, we were happy to witness the look on the faces of the parents of Vincentalex Boarding Primary School when students showcased what they were learning during computer classes.


Every third term (last term of the school year) most primary schools hold school concerts where parents get a chance to witness their children’s talents. Usually on this day, parents sit and are entertained by children through music, dance and drama. This years’ school concert at Vincent Alex was a little bit different. Students displayed more than just dance, drama and academic skills, they displayed their Tech skills! Students taught their parents how to use computers.


They excitedly brought their parents to our tent, switched on the computers and started showing them what they have been learning during computer lessons; how the games are played, how to type, how to make their words look beautiful, how to shut down a computer among others.

Edwin’s mother  was so happy and wondered why her son had pulled her from her seat to come to  the tent. On reaching our tent,  Edwin confidently gave his mother a seat and started teaching her how to switch on a computer and how to play his favorite game; Easy Typing Puzzle , that entails using the Key board and the Mouse to drag and drop pictures. The mother was so happy and said, “I have always wished for my children to leave primary school with  relevant skills such as this”. It’s wonderful to have my own son teach me how to use a computer.”

Edwin teaching his mother how to use a computer

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