Our Vision is to promote economic development, increase personal incomes and boost the local economy in Africa through building people’s digital and job skills.

Our Reach

90,000 People

100 Schools

60 Districts

90% Youth

65% Women

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18 June

Bridging the Digital Divide: Our Partnership with MTN Uganda for “30 Days of Y’ello Care”

We are thrilled to team up again with MTN Uganda for their extended “30 Days of Y’ello Care” program! This year’s theme, “Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow,” perfectly aligns with our […]


25 March

Maendeleo Foundation Receives Accreditation as an ICDL Testing Center, Enhancing Digital Skills Development

Maendeleo Foundation proudly announces its accreditation as an International Computer Driving License (ICDL) Testing Center. This accreditation underscores Maendeleo Foundation’s commitment to advancing digital literacy and fostering technological empowerment within […]


25 March

Revolutionizing Digital Access and Literacy with the MTN Internet Bus

In an era where digital literacy is becoming increasingly crucial, bridging the gap between urban centers and remote communities is paramount. Recognizing this need, MTN Uganda has embarked on a […]


25 March

Empowering Ugandan Girls in Tech: A Journey of Website Development

In collaboration with Maendeleo Foundation, a champion of digital inclusion, remote participation hubs were established in Kampala and Mukono, ensuring that girls from diverse backgrounds could access the training regardless of their location. This innovative approach not only expanded the reach of the program but also underscored the commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in tech education. Led by experienced mentors passionate about sharing their knowledge, the girls embarked on a journey of discovery, learning the fundamentals of web design and development in a supportive and encouraging environment. Throughout the training, participants were introduced to the basics of website creation, from understanding the layout and structure of a website to mastering the art of content creation and customization.


12 March

Bridging the Gender Gap in Tech: The Equals Tech4Girls E-Mentoring Program

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, diversity and inclusivity are not just buzzwords but essential components for driving innovation and progress. However, despite strides made in recent years, the gender […]