About Us

We promote digital literacy & Job skills in rural and suburban Ugandan schools and communities.

Focused on children and young people, our initiative aims to empower communities with internet safety. Join us in creating a secure and positive internet

A Ugandan NGO that promotes digital literacy in rural and suburban Ugandan schools and communities. Maendeleo Foundation seeks to suppliment the existing

Our Visions it to promote economic development, increase personal incomes and boost the local economy in Africa through building people’s digital and job skills.

Our Mission it to To supplement the existing education system by making digital and job skills; accessible, affordable and relevant to people of all ages.

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What We Do


Community Outreach

In partnership with public and community libraries across uganda. We set up community networks and conduct outreaches and engagement thorough digital literacy boot camps.



Under the acdemy we rrun the Equals Her Digital Skills Program and the Holiday Program.



Annually we release an annual report on the state of digital literacy in Uganda. This initiative provides valuable insights into the current status, challenges, and advancements in digital literacy within Uganda.


Digital Literacy

Through innovative programs and community outreach, we empower learners of all ages, fostering a culture of continuous learning for a digitally inclusive future

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