A strategically phased approach to nurturing a healthy computer-services industry in East Africa

Our Approach

Critically Thought Out Steps


77% of Uganda’s population is below the age of 30. With the youth unemployment rate at 83% (World Bank report, 2008), Uganda faces a huge challenge of providing
skills to its young, skills that could improve lives and provide an escape from the
cycle of poverty.

Maendeleo Foundation believes that computer literacy can go a long way in fighting the youth unemployment battle, as it provides relevant and employable skills the youth.

That’s why the Foundation is tackling the challenge by focusing on 3 critical steps; –

Taking Digital Skills to Schools




Market Driven ICT & Entrepreneural Skills Training

ICT Infrastructure Development for Schools & Libraries

Taking Digital Skills to Schools & Communities

Using our innovative Mobile Solar Computer Classroom  and Digital Literacy Projects,  we supplement Uganda’s education system by training students, teachers, and the general public to use computers and relevant digital tools.

These trainings have three very distinct benefits.

The first and most obvious is that they are bringing the building blocks of computer literacy to thousands of school children every week.

The second is a strong, and already visible, ripple effect: students who are motivated by learning about computers are finding that they can use that same disciplined approach in their other studies.

Finally, the third benefit, students participate in a new world of learning that gives them power as individuals to take charge of their learning while exploring new things.

But there is a fourth benefit as well, teachers and community members explore how they can use technology to be more productive, connect to the world and learn new ways of doing things.

Market Driven ICT & Entrepreneural Skills Training

At our Advanced Computer Training and Incubation Centre, people, are learning computer skills applicable to real-world jobs. In addition, the Center provides various entrepreneural and professional development skills such as communication, customer care, resource mobilisation and planning which are not widely taught in Ugandan schools.

The first graduates received certificates in both Maendeleo Foundation computer classes and Makerere University’s Center for Lifelong Learning Project Management class.

It is part of our goal to design more market driven skills courses,  open and support similar training centers in other strategic locations throughout Uganda, and eventually the rest of East Africa.


ICT Infrastructure Development for Schools & Libraries

Through our deeply thought out computer labs model, we  will support schools and libraries that previously could not afford owning computer  labs due to the high costs, risks and workload involved in such a venture.

We will provide custom built solutions that relieve  them of the burden of running a computer lab and make sure that they maximize their resources and time focusing on what they do best- teaching this nation’s children and providing information to communities.

Utilizing its immense experience, Maendeleo Foundation will provide custom built digital solutions that will  support schools and libraries sustainably own and run computer labs.