This week schools break off for second term holidays and our school computer training team just completed another awesome term in schools!

Learning happened everywhere from overcrowded classrooms to tent setup near school kitchens.

Over 1,500 primary school students explored how to use the computer. Activities ranged from using a mouse to creativity sessions using MS Word and PowerPoint presentations.

Our trainers had to be more innovative in order to serve the overwhelming number of students per class. An average class had 80 students who had to share 20 laptops. So classes were split into teams of 5 students per team and assignments split into 5 parts to give each student a chance to use the computer and learn how to collaborate with others. It was amazing to see how much children loved working together and how creative they got with their work.

Towards the end of the term, students did a final assessment and they loved it as some of the students shared with the training team.

“Am Nabakka Aisha in P.7 class at Kiyunga Islamic Primary School, the assessment was not as difficult as Social studies or mathematics because everything my trainers taught me was there. I just had to apply all the skills I have been getting throughout the term.”

We can’t wait for yet another school term to begin so as to give more computer skills to schools.