There are many ways in which to support our efforts to provide computer access to low income schools and communities in East Africa

Many remote places we visit do not have the infrastructure to support typical computer installations. We provide computer and internet training to show new possibilities to these communities, demonstrate alternative power sources, and inspire community leaders to invest in new technologies for economic development.

Be a Partner

Partners play an invaluable role in helping us achieve our mission and broaden our scope and reach. If you are a business, foundation, school, or an organization that is looking for a meaningful way to make a difference, please contact us to explore ways we can work together.


We are partially funded by corporate sponsorship and grants, but it is your personal donations that keep Maendeleo Foundation operating and growing. Your donation can help low income schools, libraries and communities have a chance to access computer skills. You can make a real difference and help children, teachers, librarians and unemployed youth, reach their potential.


Volunteers and interns are essential to our ability to accomplish our mission. All are valued members of our team. Have you ever considered sharing your professional knowledge and skills? By volunteering, you can meet like-minded people, enjoy unique experiences, and, importantly make a difference in people’s lives. Please contact us to discuss available volunteer and internship opportunities.


We hold several online fundraising drives through out the year to support our programs. You can support us through spreading the word in your networks, being an ambassador for the fundraising campaigns and hosting your friends and networks to raise money for our programs.

Your Generosity Matters

We are a fully registered Non Governmental Organisation with Uganda’s National NGO Board.

School fees and expenses, lack of public transportation, along with extreme poverty, high population levels and poor infrastructure prevent millions from attaining the education they require to improve their standard of living. Thank you for considering knowledge an asset and helping us promote that message.

Personal and corporate support has allowed us to grow from the small NGO started since 2007 to the innovative and respected educational force we are today.
Thank you for considering knowledge to be a valuable asset to those in developing nations, and stay with us!


Choose a Specific Fund or Cause

You can choose a specific area where your contribution goes towards; from our Mobile Solar Computer Classrooms, to the Advanced Computer Training and Incubation Center, or the General Fund.


2 Countries Across the Globe

For your convenience, we have 2 locations (and counting) where you can make your contribution; Uganda and the United States of America. Visit the Contact Us page for address information.


GoAbroad Foundation, an American registered charity, collects donations on behalf of Maendeleo Foundation through PayPal. They do this for free. You can contribute now by clicking on the DONATE link below:


You can contribute by writing a cheque in the name of Maendeleo Foundation and mailing to the Maendeleo Foundation Uganda address:


P.O BOX 828
Tel: +256-782-416-532

Maendeleo Foundation - advancedcomputertrainingweb-00


You can also contribute by sending mobile money to one of the following numbers:

MTN: 0782416532
Airtel: 0758241632