Advanced IT & Entrepreneurship Training & Digital Incubation Program for Women in Sub-Saharan Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all aspects of girls’ lives in Uganda. School closures, loss of jobs, disruption of health care services, & increased rates of teenage pregnancy will continue to have damaging effects on the economy of Uganda.

In October 2020, we partnered with The Women’s World Wide Web ( to use our mobile solar computer classroom, to take educational opportunities to young women aged 16 and 25.

The project enables young women to benefit from high quality entrepreneurship & intermediate ICT training that culminates into a digital incubator that supports them launch their social enterprises.

As a whole, this program can last from eight months (IT advanced & entrepreneurship training) to seventeen months (including the digital incubation program).

The program has so far reached over 81 girls and graduated 63 students.

Project Partners