Digital Skills Academy is a training service helping students to acquire a range of digital skills which act as a launch-pad into succeeding in the digital economy.  Founded in 2012, Maendeleo Foundation Academy provides distinguished and qualitative technical education, focusing on building digital skills and developing business capabilities. Our educational environment stimulates creativity and supports development and innovation, and keeps pace with modern trends, to build distinguished professional cadres capable of producing knowledge and community development. 

At this Center, older students are learning computer skills applicable to real-world jobs. In addition, the Center provides education in business skills, not widely taught in Ugandan schools. It operates between school terms, in evenings, and weekends so those who are working or in school can still attend. The Center offers classes in basic, advanced computer training and business skills and it is also used for community empowerment activities, and life skills trainings. The future of the centre is to provide jobs for our trainees through outsourcing jobs from our partners and act as an incubation centre for young entrepreneurs.

Digital Access & Literacy Project


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